Billionaire Paul Allen Backs Initiative To Punish Wildlife Traffickers

Northwest Public Radio | April 27, 2015

Seattle billionaire Paul Allen wants Washington voters to crack down on wildlife trafficking.

Love 'em Or Hate 'em, Sea Lions Raise Concerns On The Columbia

OPB | April 26, 2015

A record number of sea lions in the Columbia River this spring has revived debate over the best way to manage these hulking pinnipeds.

Oregon Gray Wolves' Endangered Species Status Could Be Removed

OPB | April 24, 2015

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission launches the process that could lead to the removal of the gray wolf from the state's list of endangered species.

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Oil Train Safety Legislation Passes In Washington

KUOW | April 24, 2015 6:30 p.m.

Washington lawmakers approve a plan to tax oil that arrives by rail and requires more transparency from rail companies.

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Oregon's Logging Debate Gets A Reset With Latest Plan For Public Forests

OPB | April 24, 2015 2:15 p.m. | Ashland, Oregon

A federal lands agency releases several versions of its latest plan for opening up logging on some of Oregon's public forestland.

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Seattle Suspends $1 Fine For Failure To Compost

KUOW | April 23, 2015 5:15 p.m.

Proposed fines for not following Seattle’s new food composting rule have been delayed.

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Oregon Pilots Contend Proposed Troutdale Energy Plant Poses Safety Risk

OPB | April 23, 2015 4:43 p.m.

The Oregon Pilots Association said their modeling shows severe turbulence from emission plumes would threaten one in 100 flights.

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Visitors To Region’s National Parks Spent Millions In 2014

OPB | April 23, 2015 3:30 p.m.

A new report from the National Park Service shows in 2014, visitors spent an estimated $15 billion in gateway communities to national parks, supporting more than 275,000 jobs.

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Bill Clears Oregon House To Remove Styrofoam From School Lunchrooms

OPB | April 22, 2015 5:17 p.m. | Portland

Lawmakers voted 47 to 10 to phase out plastic foam by 2021. School districts that aren't sure they can make that deadline can get state permission to take longer, and they can keep using the material if they recycle it.  

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Portland's Biggest Commercial Buildings Will Have To Report Energy Use

OPB | April 22, 2015 4:52 p.m. | Portland

A new Portland program requires hotels, malls like the Lloyd Center, hospitals and office buildings to track energy use. Portland is joining twelve cities that already use the Energy Star reporting system, run by the U-S Environmental Protection Agency.

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Actor William Shatner Proposes Water Pipeline From Northwest To Save California

OPB | April 20, 2015 9:24 a.m. | Portland

While Californians are cutting back on water and experimenting with long-term solutions to deal with drought, William Shatner said the answer is as simple as starting a Kickstarter page.


Shell Arctic Drilling Rig Expected In Port Angeles

KUOW | April 16, 2015 1:15 p.m.

Port Angeles could offer Shell's Arctic drilling rig will make its first Washington stop in Port Angeles. The city on the Olympic Peninsula could offer a warmer welcome than it's expected to receive in Seattle.


Sewer Water Beer Wins Oregon Regulators' Approval

OPB | April 15, 2015 6 p.m.

State environmental regulators allow a wastewater treatment utility to give its recycled sewer water to a group of home brewers so they can turn it into beer.


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