EarthFix Community Guidelines

Here at EarthFix, we want to provide an open and safe space for lively and engaged dialogue. To keep these conversations productive and respectful, we do moderate all comments that come through the site. Here are some guidelines for how to best participate in the EarthFix discussions. Comments and contributions that do not adhere to these guidelines will be removed. Commenters who repeatedly post such comments will be banned. For more information, you can also refer to each of our partner stations’ community guidelines, terms and conditions, and privacy statements. (Links are listed below.)

1. Be Engaged: We encourage you to participate in the conversations on EarthFix and expect you to engage in these conversations at your highest level of intelligence and respect. Have fun, be passionate, and also adhere to the rest of the community guidelines. Our hope is that the dialogue created in this space helps us learn more about our environment and each other.

2. Be Civil: Please write your comments thoughtfully and with respect to your fellow community members. We welcome a lively and insightful debate and disagreement of ideas. However, there is no room on EarthFix for personal attacks, profanity or comments that any individual or group might deem offensive.

3. Be Relevant: Engage in the conversation, but keep your comments on topic. Trolls and spam will be removed and banned.

4. Be Responsible: Grammar, punctuation, and spelling counts. If your post is too difficult to read it may be removed. Your comments should represent your point of view. Take care to provide links to your sources and be selective with excerpts from other publications.

These guidelines were inspired by the community guidelines of Mashable, The Guardian, KQED, and Marketplace.

Also, please refer to additional rules for EarthFix Partner Stations websites

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