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The Problem With Wildfires: There Aren't Enough Of Them, Study Finds

Despite all the wildfires of the past three decades, Northwest forests are still growing faster than they burn. That's not necessarily a good thing.

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US House Approves Forest Management Changes After Devastating Wildfire Season

The proposed changes to public land management faces tough sledding in the Senate, where Democrats blocked similar legislation last year.

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What A Scientist Lost In The Eagle Creek Fire

When a fire goes out, what does it mean for scientists studying a place that may no longer exist the way they remember it?

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Environmental Group Blocks Path To Timber Sale

Environmental activists ratcheted up their logging protest Monday about 50 miles east of Eugene, suspending a platform 80 feet in the air on a tree and tethering it by a cable to a roadblock that includes two old vehicles.

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Buy Your Christmas Tree Early: There's A Shortage In The NW

You might not get that noble fir of your dreams this year due to a Christmas tree crunch in the Northwest.

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Landowners, Foresters Fight Fires By Treating Trees In Umatilla County

This year marked another intense fire season across the West, including Oregon, where large blazes swept over an estimated 678,000 acres statewide.

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Deadly Plant Disease Confirmed For First Time In Pacific Northwest Fir Trees

For the first time, scientists have found a deadly plant disease infecting fir trees in the Pacific Northwest.

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Southern Oregon Megafire May Help Suppress Devastating Tree Disease

Crews working the Chetco Bar wildfire had more to consider than just the flames once it spread into a quarantine zone where a disease was devastating trees.

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Thinning Forests Saved Town Of Sisters From Wildfire, But Can It Be Duplicated?

Scrutiny of the condition of the American West's forests, and of policies that curtailed logging and suppressed wildfires, has intensified amid a devastating wildfire season.

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Could The Chetco Bar Fire Have Been Prevented?

For a few weeks in late summer, southwest Oregon's Chetco Bar Fire was the nation’s top priority fire. As the fire grew and the air thickened, tempers flared.

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