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Federal Court Pops Up In Grant County For Rainbow Gathering

OPB | June 26, 2017 4:39 p.m. | Portland

A small team of federal prosecutors and judges is deploying to Grant County, Oregon, where the Rainbow Gathering is taking place.

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Judge Halts Lawsuit Over Expanded Cascade-Siskiyou Monument

OPB | June 19, 2017 12:30 p.m. | Portland

A federal judge will allow the Trump administration to complete its review of national monuments before deciding how to move forward with a lawsuit involving the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.

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20,000 'Free Spirits' Are Flocking To Rural Oregon's Malheur Forest

OPB | June 15, 2017 4:45 p.m.

In two weeks, thousands of peace-loving, free-spirited campers will descend on Oregon for the 2017 Rainbow Gathering in the Malheur National Forest.

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Oregon Beef Producers Cheer Trade Negotiations With China

OPB | June 14, 2017 3:15 p.m.

Northwest cattle producers are cheering new trade standards that will once again allow beef exports to China.

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OSU Researchers: Native Sage, Grasses Handle Wildfires Better

Capital Press | June 3, 2017 2:04 p.m.

Plants native to the sagebrush steppe, such as sage and various bunchgrasses, recover from fire better than invasive or intrusive species such as cheatgrass and Western juniper.

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Crater Lake National Park Low On Water

AP | May 30, 2017 12:43 p.m. | Bend, Oregon

The Klamath Tribes has placed a water call on the Wood River, the river Annie Creek flows into. Annie Creek is Crater Lake National Park's main water source.  

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Wet Spring Forces Temporary Shutdown At Washington Sawmill

Northwest News Network | May 18, 2017 8:30 a.m.

The wettest spring on record in eastern Washington state not only rendered state highways and other roads impassable, it has also kept loggers from harvesting timber and shuttered one sawmill for at least two weeks.

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Wild Horse Populations In Oregon On The Rise

OPB | May 15, 2017 1:21 p.m.

The figures show there are far more horses than the BLM says the rangelands can handle in balance with other public land uses.

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No Drought Warnings In Northwest For First Time Since 2011

AP | May 12, 2017 8:04 a.m.

For the first time since 2011, the Pacific Northwest isn't showing any signs of drought.

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Washington AG Pledges To Defend National Monuments

NWPR/EarthFix | May 11, 2017 3:40 p.m. | Richland, Washington

In a letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is defending the state’s national monuments, including Hanford Reach.

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