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Puget Sound's Endangered Orcas Compete With Seals, Sea Lions For Salmon

Competition with other marine mammals for the same food may be a bigger problem than fishing, at least in recent years, for southern resident killer whales that spend time in Washington state's Puget Sound, a new study suggests.

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Oceans May Host Next Wave Of Renewable Energy

Researchers say there's huge potential for harnessing ocean waves to create electricity. The Energy Department is backing one effort in Oregon.

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Yakama Nation Demands Accountability For Columbia River Sewage Spills

Members of the Yakama Nation say they want a seat at the table with local officials, environmental regulators and those responsible for spills in the Columbia River.

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Polluters In Driver's Seat For Portland Harbor Superfund Cleanup Plan

The Trump administration has put industrial polluters in the driver's seat in the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup. The EPA is in final talks on a pivotal study gauging the Willamette River's health.

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Entangled: Making The Sea Safer For Whales

Oregon crabbers are working with marine scientists to make the seas safer for whales and to avoid a black mark on their brand.

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Oregon Governor Wants To Cancel Water Transfer For Nestle

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has asked the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to walk away from a water rights transfer tied to Nestle's proposed water bottling plant.

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Portland Warns Of Sewer Overflows Into Willamette After Heavy Rains

Heavy weekend rains have triggered combined sewer overflows into the Willamette River from multiple outfalls.

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Drought-Resistant Pendleton Still Sees Dwindling Groundwater Supply

Despite the innovative system that allows Pendleton to funnel most of its drinking water from the Umatilla River rather than pumping it from the ground, the city’s groundwater supply has still dwindled over the years.

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Environmental Groups Sue Oregon Over Industrial Water Pollution

Environmental groups are suing Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality over its regulation of stormwater pollution from more than 900 industrial sites.

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Portland's Lawsuit Against Monsanto Proceeds, With Some Claims Dismissed

The City of Portland and Port of Portland can proceed with lawsuits against Monsanto, but a judge has dismissed several of the city’s claims over chemical contamination of the city’s waterways.  

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